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Voici une chanson qui vous permet de mémoriser la structure : I have been + Ing
ici : I have been walking through  a winterland

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I want it to be (pas "I want that"

script complet pour ceux qui veulent chanter :  

Title: Melody Club - Winterland lyrics

wide awake
alone i ache
it´s nothing but a wasted day
i´m wide awake
i let you go
oh so slow
it´s just another heartache
oh so slow
I´ve been walking through a winterland
warm me with the touch of your hand
you walked out on me yeah, you walked out on me
and love isn´t all that I want it to be
you´re walking away yeah, you´re walking away
slowly you turn now, you stop and say hey
and the winter inside me is going to stay
time stands still
with time to kill
it´s nothing but a wasted day
time stands still

Posté le 04/09/2011 à 21:24 par sunflower
Catégorie grammaire par les chansons

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