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Voici quelques sujets possibles à l'écrit du bac.

Souvenez-vous d'utiliser les structures apprises. Je donne des sujets argumentatifs ici mais ils peuvent apparaître sous forme de dialogue ou lettre. Par exemple au lieu de poser : is it a good idea to work abroad ? vous pouvez avoir : écrivez une lettre expliquant pourquoi vous avez décidé de vous expatrier ou un dialogue entre deux personnes ayant des opinions opposées sur le sujet.

Pour les structures , tapez "déclaratif","liaison", "argumentation"
Pensez aussi au vocabulaire du caractère et du sentiment.

Donc quelques exemples auxquels j'ai pensé sachant que....je ne sais pas ce qui va tomber et je n'ai pas de don de voyance.

1) Why do teenagers sometimes disagree with their parents ?
2) Is a good parent someone who never says "no" ?
3) Can you get rich without studying ?
4) Does school prepare you for your future working life ?
5) Does the consumer society make people happy ?
6) What are the advantages and inconvenients of accepting a job abroad ?
7) Do you think reading is a thing of the past ?
8) What is the best film you have ever seen. Give a brief summary and explain why.
9) What can you do to protect the environment ?
10) What is the difference between being poor in a developing and a developed country ?
11) Is sport useful in our society ?
12) Are artists important in our society ?
13) Do you think artists or sportsmen should earn a lot of money ?
14) Do you think the internet has more advantages than inconvenients ?
15) Why have new technologies revolutioned our lives ?
16) What attitudes and reactions irritate you ?
17) What type of people do you appreciate/disapprove of ?
18) Do you think nowadays the feminist movements are still useful?
19) If you got involved in a charity action, what would it be ?
20) Are the US still the country of the American Dream ?
21) Why do many people try to immigrate to the US ?
22) Do you believe that individuals are born equal ?
23) Would you like to be self-employed ?
24) Describe your ideal holiday ?
25) Can you discover a country when you have no contact with the locals ?
26) What countries would you visit if you could choose ?

Good luck ?  

Posté le 29/05/2012 à 22:24 par sunflower
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